Keto Diet | 3 Important Knowledges That Helped Me Accomplish Ketosis


This is my 3rd week into Keto diet, and about 2 weeks and half since going into ketosis.

(I was paleo for about a month before starting Keto.)
I feel great and super energized.
Having 2 year-old and 2 months old, I can’t believe I still have energy to skip routine afternoon nap,
and be motivated to write this article after putting those babies to sleep!!
Going into ketosis and maintain it not only helps you to drop down few pounds, but also helps you to have more energy, cognitively and physically.

If you are considering to start Ketogenic diet, I strongly recommend to educate yourself about why, and how Ketogenic diet is so effective.
Before I started going into Ketosis, I did extensive amount of research (articles online, reading a books, scrap booking and so forth) to get my self ready for this big journey mentally.
This really helped me to go through many bumps that I have came across.

Never wondered WHY Keto Diet is thought to be so effective?
Never wondered HOW it should be done, and WHAT are we really getting out of this?
Knowing such critical information helped me to be patient, and really pursue my decision
AND helped me to get my hands off from doughnuts and buttermilk frosted cupcakes ūüôā


#1: WHY: Because Our Bodies Are Screaming.

Imagine yourself being a caveman, scavenging for food.
You are more likely consuming meat, fish, few berries here and there, and some fat-rich nuts.

Our Ancestors’ dietary consumption was around 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% Carbs (Perlmutter, 2013).
Oh, what about the modern American’s daily consumption? 60% Carbs, 20% Fat, and 20% Protein.

What is wrong with the change? You may ask.
Well, over the time, food changed drastically its convenience, making high carb and added sugar food so easily available for us.
What haven’t changed is our body- WE ARE SIMPLY NOT BUILD to digest enormous amount of sugars and grains which was not available in Paleolithic era.

Yes, our body is screaming.

In Keto Diet, you are required to cut down the carb intake to 50-20g per day,
as oppose to 200-300g of average intake.
Basically you are switching your body to get energy not from the sugar and carb, but from the fats- which benefit us in numerous of ways.
Weight loss is really the bonus that comes with those benefits, eliminating gluten and grains from your diet is known to improve many physiological and neurological complications.
(for more details about this, read “Keto Diet | Solution to Your Health Complications” )

I used to feel so lazy and couldn’t get through a day without taking afternoon nap almost everyday.
I get really irritated and cranky sometimes for no reason, and was suffering from minor migraines here and there.
Never knew eliminating gluten & sugar, and swapping them to fat can improve my mood, energy and health so much!
I don’t take nap with kids anymore, I realize myself being energized and motivated to do something other than sleeping and being slouchy.

You see, you are about to make life-changing decisions that brings you more benefit to your health (and weight loss of course) by pursuing the Keto diet.

#2: HOW: Be Ready to Call Delicious Pastries as Your Worst Enemy.

Like I said, Keto diet will drastically improve your health and energy, as well as helps you to lose weight.
HOWEVER, you must make some sacrifices…. Before you take further step into Keto diet, you must know:

You have to say good-bye to those precious little pies, indulgent doughnuts, chewy cookies and more. and more.

I am lazy and try to make everything easy,¬†but when it comes to achieving better health and weight loss, it won’t happen over-night, eating sweets while watching TV.
Before you actually commit to Keto diet, it is better to know what you are getting yourself into.

Remember, you are eliminating CARB and SUGAR, and swapping them to FATS and PROTEINS.

Brief list of what you need to GIVE UP:

– Bread (Yes, including Whole Wheat or Multi-Grain Wheat that are supposedly “good for you.”)
– ANY Sweets (Cookies, Doughnuts, Scones, Cakes, Banana Bread…. basically anything made with flour.)
– Many Fruits (There’s a list.) & Dried Fruits
– Pastas, Bagels, Rice, Brown Rice, Beans, Pizzas, …. list continues.
–¬†Basically anything gluten, starchy and sugary. (yes that includes potato.)

The list sounds very scary to commit. I thought I couldn’t do it either. You need to be patient to see the result and until you start feeling energetic and just simply amazing, you will definitely suffer from carb & sugar withdrawal.
But while it is extremely challenging, I found joy in finding many delicious alternative recipes that helps you to go through this journey.
You can find recipes HERE.

For further list and instruction on what you can’t eat and what you can eat, go here: Keto Diet | What you CAN eat and What You CAN’T Eat
For HOW to Start Keto diet and get it done successfully, read: Keto Diet | How I Achieved Ketosis Without Major Keto-Flu in 4 weeks


#3: WHAT did I get out of Keto Diet: Major Health Improvements

I assume many of you are looking into Keto diet because of its effectiveness on weight loss.
But the truth is, Keto diet brings you much more than that- and it will probably makes you more motivated and look forward to feel the physiological and neurological improvements over time.

My first week, I lost about 7lb just by cutting down carb intakes, especially anything that has flour in it- bread, cakes, doughnuts, sort of things.
I was still eating lots of fruits in the morning, I think my carb intake was around 80-50g per day.
By the 4th week (3rd week of going into ketosis), my mind was so alert, clear and focused (less than 20g of carb intake by then).
I had lots of energy that I realize myself not taking afternoon nap with my kids anymore, but still make it through the day without crashing.
As for my body, I was no longer gassy and bloated anymore, did not feel slouchy or lazy, completing tasks one after another.

I absolutely LOVED the new change!!!!!

By eliminating carbs and sugars from your system and switching your energy source from carb(sugar) to fat, you will be blessed with numerous health benefits.

Health benefits that are clinically proven:

-digestive disturbances (gass, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, etc).
-anxiety issues, depression
-Mood instabilities
-Brain Fog
-constant sickness
-delayed growth
-heart disease 
….. to name a few. (Further reading, check out “Grain Brain” by Dr. David Perlmutter. Amazing book.)

Yes, I know this list is just unbelievable. But I am not a trained nurse or educated doctor.
For far more medical/clinical explanation of WHY elimination of carb and sugar improves pretty much most of the health issues out there, I will leave it.
If you are type of person who loves to gain new knowledge and study, go read the book “Grain Brain” and basically it’ll change your whole view about food choices and your health. You might find ultimate solution for your health issues, who knows?


Well, I hope knowing WHY Keto diet is effective, How it will change your food intake, and What you are gaining out of committing to Keto diet would help you get ready to move forward to the next step.
Are you still scared and confused? Do not worry, there’s always many sources out there that can help you go through your Keto life, and believe me you will LOVE new energy and new changed in your body.


Time to go into detail of what you can eat and what you can’t eat!!!
Read:¬†Keto Diet | What you CAN eat and What You CAN’T Eat
For my 4 weeks ultimate Keto diet guide to combat Keto-flu,
Read: Keto Diet | How I Achieved Ketosis Without Major Keto-Flu in 4 weeks

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