Keto Diet | 3 Ultimate Dry Skin Solutions

This is my third week going into ketosis, and weight change is start to move again.

May 3rd is when I start recording my postpartum weight, (delivered on Feb 25th, 2017)
and I was on moderate Paleo diet (less strict than Keto).
March 21st is when I start cutting down my carb intake to less than 20g per day.

Based on my experience, I was glad that I was on Paleo for a few weeks and made my transition to Keto,
this put less stress on my body and make the transition to high-fat & low-carb diet much more smoothly without exhausting myself.
For ultimate 4 weeks transitioning that I strongly recommend, please read here:
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Side Effect of Ketosis

Fortunately AND Unfortunately, going into ketosis brings you numerous of changes- and some of them you aren’t quit happy with.
Most of them are not permanent and goes away within few weeks or months, but still.
When I hit my 2 weeks mark, I have noticed my face was SUPER DRY and even started to crack.
When I put make up on, that’s when I really started to see something was wrong. My husband even noticed.
I knew it was due to the keto in my system, because my skin was always rather oily, I never had to worry about drying up.

Since day 1, I started to look for possible, really, any possible remedies out there-
and definitely, dry skin (not only face but also all over the body), itchiness, and chapped lip seems to be the very common issues among Keto-dieters.
I will shear with you the 2 major treatment that really helped me, and there’s few list of what you should avoid doing.


#1 Supplements

First thing you want to suspect is, DEHYDRATION.
You can start with revising your water intake.

“Wait, but I am drinking lots and lots of water, like I am suppose to as a Keto-dieter…”
Yes, I know- every blogs and articles, even mom tells you to drink lots of water.

In this case, your body might not doing good job on retaining water in your body-
water goes in, and you pee them all out right away.

Here is the list of what you may lacking:

Lacking those three in your system cause dehydration, flashing water right out of your body.
Dehydration causes not only dry skin in this case, but lack of energy, mood instability and even heart palpitations as well (especially for Keto-dieter).

I was advised in many article to eat magnesium and potassium rich food, but I am a mother of 2 children and I am a lazy person.
Honestly I can’t plan every meal and be particular on what I eat.
So instead, I relay on my best friend, and typed “Electrolytes” and got NuttiBiotic’s Essential Electrolytes supplement pill.
It had really high rating of 4 1/2 starts (many of them are from Keto-dieters), and it was only $12.99 for 100 capsules.

Every morning, I pop one capsule in my mouth and my skin was starting to look better in few days.
Not only that, it prevented me from feeling tired and cranky!
Killing two birds with one stone!
UPDATE: I drink this twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed.
I have noticed that my heart was racing so hard in the morning and it goes away after taking this supplement,
so I started to taking them at night to see if it helps.
Ta-da! Problem solved.


Some of you guys are maybe against taking pill form supplements, so alternative is to:
– Sprinkle salt on your meal here and there
– Eat Magnesium rich food: (Source:
– Eat Potassium rich food: (Source:

Supplement did help a lot, however combination of supplement AND home remedy skin serum worked like a magic!

#2 Home Remedy (coconut oil, lavender oil, Argan oil, and Vaseline)

Coconut Oil is the best. I swear by it, I use it as cooking oil, baking alternatives, make-up remover, and baby lotions.
Usually using coconut oil is enough to keep the skin moisturized. But when I start having this sever dry skin issues, I’ve decided to add few other essential oils that are known to be effective on dry skin.

Here is the recipe!

-Coconut Oil (Moisturize your skin)
-Argan Oil  (Hydrates your skin ALOT)
-Lavender Oil (Helps hydrate your skin, and has soothing & relaxing effect)

Melt coconut oil in microwave or by using hot water.
Ratio of 2 (coconut oil) :1 (Argan Oil) and few drops of Lavender oil (till your likings), mix them together in a clean container.
That’s it!

When you first done making this serum, it’ll be all nice and easy to use (because coconut oil is melted),but after done using and try to use it next day, you’ll find it being harden in the container (coconut oil hardens in cold temperature).
If you would like to use it as liquid form, you might have to take your time warming it up.
But I usually just scrape whatever the amount I need, and rub them in my hands-as body temperature will melt the oil.
Then just massage the dry skin area with your hands!


After applying the oil mix, take some vaseline (petroleum jelly, I use the Tugaboos brand with vitamin E and Aloe in them) and apply on the same area.
The thickness of the vaseline will actually “seals” the coconut oil mixture serum into your skin, protecting them to get rubbed away (especially from pillow).
Vaseline also helps keep the skin moisturize more and longer.
Apply the following method whenever you want, ESPECIALLY before you go to bed.
I recommend you to put soft towel over the pillow as the thick vaseline will ruin the pillow cases.
With supplements and homemade serum, my skin was nice and soft within 5 days.
My skin actually looks better than before the Keto diet, maybe because of its detoxing effect?

#2 Things to AVOID


DO NOT use “matte” finish foundation or primer. My skin was rather oily so I was using matte finish make up products…. and those made my skin like a lizard.
Try to pick “glossy” effect make up, and I strongly recommend “hydrating” foundations or primers instead. It will help you with dry skin issues.

Try to avoid…

You don’t want to take HOT shower as hot water would wash out a lot of the oil that the skin produces naturally.
You want to keep those natural oil as much as possible, so take warm shower, not HOT shower. Maybe limit yourself to take less than 10 minutes shower too.
This applies when you washes your face in the morning. Use cold water instead- it’ll wake you up good too.

Hope those methods will help you heal your dry skin issues!!!


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